Whitney + Justin | Jeresy City Pizza Party Wedding Reception

It's been over a year since the last time I blogged, and it's about time I start updating with all of the exciting things I've been up to! I recently took the leap to make my photography business my full-time gig, and I've had a wonderful summer full of fun projects, amazing trips, and delicious food! So to kick things off, I'm sharing one of my favorite shoots โ€” a fabulous rooftop pizza party to celebrate the wedding of two good friends.

Whitney and I met on the marketing team at Farmigo and we bonded quickly over our shared vegetarianism and love of cats and baby farm animals. Now we share an anniversary! She and Justin had their legal wedding on June 16, the same day as mine. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate 5 years of marriage than to party with such a fun, loving, and inviting couple! As the photos prove, this reception was full of so much joy โ€” every single person is grinning ear to ear (plus, Whitney's smile is downright infectious). Their wedding party was not just a celebration of love, but also of their wonderful community in their home 'hood of Jersey City. The event took place on the rooftop of Porta Pizza, a super-delicious (and photogenic!) restaurant overlooking Grove Street in downtown JC. Thanks for including me, Whit + Justin!

We started off the evening with a crucial photo op with the Cat of Honor, Winston, who got dressed up for the occasion. He wasn't exactly thrilled about it, though.